MMM Savings Rate

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Track your savings rate

Plot your savings rate by logging monthly income and savings data over time.

Works with your custom spreadsheet

Your custom spreadsheet headers are mapped in the configuration.

More than just your savings rate

Plot your % FI number, your monthly average, set a goal, and see how you stack up against the US average.


Add annotations for life events to give your savings rate plot addtional context.

FI Widgets

Visit to run common FI calculations or install the FI module to run common FI calculations on the command line.

About MMM Savings Rate

MMM Savings Rate is a tool for tracking your monthly savings rate over time. It can be used to help you stay on course during your FI journey. If you manage to maintain a savings rate at 50% or higher, you will likely be on track to hit your FI goal . In addition to tracking your savings rate, this tool can be used to track the percentage of your FI number attained and your monthly average savings rate. You can also use it to set a savings rate goal and it can be configured to display US average savings rates from the Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. MMM Savings Rate also allows you to annotate your savings rate and FI number plots with notes that can provide context for your data. What are you waiting for?

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